Finally my first blog

I thought about it a long time, but decided that today, it was about time. So instead of finding out what is the best solution, I just kickstarted using the most wide spread used software.

For more information on who I am and what I like to do, visit my website

As a first post, I guess it is wise to give some idea on what I’ll be posting. To be honest, I do not know. For sure I’ll post on everything I like to write about, contenplate on, and trigger a dialogue on. A likely list:

  • Just Inspire days,
  • inspiration and what it can do to your life,
  • coaching people
  • coaching teams enhancing their efficiency
  • risk management and systems thinking
  • art
  • Sensemaker (TM)
  • Ondernemers Zonder Personeel (OZP of ZZP) in Rotterdam
  • linking personal inspiration with organizations
  • Marcial Losada High performance teams
  • linking art, science and life science
  • what I read in the paper which triggered me

See you soon…

One Response to “Finally my first blog”

  1. dialoguelife Says:

    Way to go Arno! Looking forward to read your toughts.

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