18 nov 2009 Personal leadership

Ever since I started as independent consultant, I believe in enabling personal leadership in all levels in organisations. This is now 8 years ago, and the funny thing is that this believe only gets stronger and stronger.

Personal leadership, in my terminology, is the knowledge of one’s abilities, passions, limitations, convictions , actions, believes,  etc., which leads you to be who you are.  Others see this in you actions, or hear it in your words.

Personal leadership is in each of us. Unfortunately not all of us act on it. So what is my point? My point is that if I know my limitations, know what my passions are, know what potential I have, I am able to choose to act on this knowledge.

If I choose not to act on this knowledge, I do not show personal leadership. If I choose not to act on this, or even if I do not want to know all this knowledge, I let go of my life. I give my destiny in the hand of others.

So, what happens with people that do make the choice? That choose to find out what their (hidden) potential is? What happens with you, if you decide to live your passion?

4 years ago I made this choice myself. Until that time I lived my life as a series of happenings. Theses happenings were typically triggered by others, which I rationalized in my head. Based on the rational, I made a choice, or not, and let others make that choice for me.

In a training on personal leadership at Corinor (www.corinor.nl), I realized that I missed out on many goo things. So I made some choices which radically changed my life. I married my girlfriend (we were at that time 10 years together), we decided to have a baby, I decided to start coaching, stop my international career and move back with my family to Rotterdam.

It is a continuous process of making choices based on my experience, passion and learning. Accepting the results of the choices is sometimes difficult, but never as hard as not having choosen at all.

Personal leadership in any organization, brings people who are more engaged, understand their strenghts and weaknesses, understand others strenghts and weaknesses; and is able to act on this knowledge. A team with this knowledge, on individual level as well as on a team level, will be more successful then other teams without this awareness.

Bringing this line of reasoning to an even higher level, on society, it would bring about a revolution. But a positive revolution.  We would not any more wait and sit back in anticipation, nut it would generate a power of pro-activeness, of people changing their own lifes full of fullffilment.

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