Personal Leadership and Project Management

How does a project manager becomes better? How does a person showing personal leadership skills becomes a good project manager? Would the combination not  be a thrill?

Personal leadership is something that can be learned. Everyone can become an excellent personal leader. Each of us has the intrinsic capability to become a serious and valued personal leader. The other way around is not true. Not everybody has it in her/im to become a good project manager.

What are the characteristics of a personal leader and a project manager?

A personal leader is more efficient, lives a more pleasent life and is inspirational to the people in her/is direct environment. The personal leader does this by being authentic, aware of her/is capabilities, positive and less positive.  When you work with her/im you feel no resistance, your energy and flow of ideas are accepted, additional information is added and the thoughs are given back to you; you feel positively energized and continuous in the flow to produce surprisingly and unexpected beautiful and wonderful results.

A project manager works well under stress, is able to differentiate between details and the bigger picture, while keeping details under control. Futhermore s/he is able to manage project members as well as other outside stakeholders. S/he is a policitian and technician in one. A project manager manage financial as well as technical details which lead to a successful project. A project manager is able to manage agendas, work(load) and work environment. S/he is able to understand what has to be done to get the work delivered as committed.

Clearly it depends on the job ahead what skills you look for.

Now imagine a project manager who shows personal leadership skills. Would this not be wonderful? Who would not like to work in her/is team? Who would not like to assign this manager for her/is project?

For project management skills there are many good project management courses, as well as good project management models like Prince2, PMBOK, CMMI.

The road to personal leadership starts with a good analysis of the person you are; what are your strengths, how do you overcome those habits which, somehow seem te get hold of your behaviour and words and lead  you to nothing?

The good thing is that this is not difficult. There are ways to help people and organizations (e.g or The key-word is choose. This is linked to the understanding that your choice is based on your own values, authenticity, dreams and your passion.

After the first choice comes another, more critical aspect, the choice for the consequences of your choices.

And if the choice is no good in the first place, just make another choice… It is that simple…..

Enjoy choosing.

PS in the next blogs I will talk on how team efficiency can be measured and improved. See you around.

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